Trump’s Judgement Test

It’s midnight on a Tuesday and I’m once again going through the motions of yet another Situational Judgement Test for yet another graduate scheme. Precisely a week ago, I was settling in to watch as the United States celebrated its continued respect for logic and reason, electing Hillary Clinton as President-elect.

Yes, it truly was a happier time. But now, in my subsequent disillusionment with the state of humanity, I’ve been grappling once again with the fact that the presidency is a job for which Donald Trump is woefully under-qualified. One of the rare things that Mr. Trump and I shared, then – besides an insatiable desire to emblazon our names on skyscrapers and a tendency to eat KFC with cutlery – was that we were both optimistically applying for jobs for which we had a total lack of relevant experience.

Yet, it seems from the exit polls, if any value can still be accredited to their findings, that he had managed to convince voters that he is possessing of the character, temperament, and skills, of a desirable leader. Wouldn’t it have been brilliant, though, if Trump – like us plebs – had instead had to take a Situational Judgement Test to assess his suitability for the role of President of the United States?